Negotiate… then negotiate again!

As a buyer I like the challenge of trying to get money off something or improve the terms of a deal, however I’m aware not everyone feels this way, it can feel awkward or uncomfortable asking for discount.

Here are some pointers;

  • Be nice, charming even, and have a laugh if you can. In my experience people feel bad saying no if they like you!
  • Don’t start by saying “what can you do on the price” – clarify a couple of things about the product/service first, show interest
  • Play the long game – if time is on your side you are in a better position, try not to sound too desperate
  • Don’t stop at one round of negotiations
  • Don’t be disheartened if the answer is ‘no’.

An example of not leaving it at the first round of negotiations;

Last week I had an order to place with an online company, I put all the items in the basket and worked out my total. I then phoned and explained I had a potential order and asked if they could do anything off the website price. They emailed me to confirm a 10% discount on the majority of items. Great, however I didn’t place the order at this point. I called them back and said I would place the order if they threw in a £50 item I was looking at, for free. The answer was yes and I placed the order. Success!