Rebecca Bastin

Business Administration

How can I help?

The amount of communication and paperwork that flows through even a small business can make you feel completely swamped at times. Whether it is a matter of getting organised and up-to-date as a one-off, or a requirement for ongoing support, I can offer services to suit.

Have you missed opportunities because you couldn’t respond or get a quote out quickly enough to your potential client? Would your life be easier if you just had the right form or template? Why not give me a call to discuss how I can assist with the following;

• Professional documentation – Typing/creating reports, forms, quotes and business documents
• Making arrangements – Organising/co-ordinating meetings, appointments and bookings
• Organising events – Support with booking and promoting your event to ensure it runs smoothly
• Organising and filing – Creating some space by filing and archiving business documents in an effective manner, making it easier to find documents

If you are feeling weighed down by this side of your business then some support could be just what you need.